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Going above and beyond to meet your needs, North Country Unlimited presents North Country Utility Services, a dedicated division that excels in delivering comprehensive utility services. Holding safety and efficiency at the core of our efforts, we are ready to cater to all your utility requirements.

Utility Services
To ensure that your household and commercial spaces run smoothly, we offer a suite of utility services. We prioritize maintaining safe and reliable infrastructure.
Small Engine Repair
Rely on our proficient small engine repair service to keep your machinery and tools in peak performance. Our dedication to safety extends to keeping your equipment operating efficiently and safely.
Erosion Control
Our erosion control strategies are here to guard properties and natural habitats from the harmful impact of erosion. We center on environmental safety and property integrity.
We team up with Utility Companies to restore damaged properties, including lawns and sidewalks affected by utility works, focusing on quick and safe property restoration.
Hydro Excavation
Using a trailer and truck mount, we offer a safer excavation alternative using high-pressure water and vacuum systems to expose underground utilities carefully and safely.
Right of Way Clearing
We collaborate with utility companies to ensure their above-ground lines remain clear. Our right-of-way clearing services commit to safety, ensuring utility lines remain accessible.

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