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Meet North Country Unlimited

North Country Unlimited was founded by Bill Decker in 1996, primarily focusing on construction and HVAC services. The company took a new direction when Bill’s son, Josh Decker, joined the family business. In 2006, equipped with a lawnmower his father gifted him as a teenager, Josh transformed North Country Unlimited into a landscaping company. This shift enabled him to work through high school and college, where he pursued Small Business studies.

Over the years, Josh developed a passion for landscaping and utility work. He relished completing projects, satisfying customers, and providing employees with job satisfaction. In 2012, motivated by Josh’s passion and vision, North Country Unlimited expanded its services.

Fast forward to 2022, North Country Unlimited acquired Black Landscape Contracting Inc., a local landscape company. This merger, completed in 2024, further deepened the company’s service offerings in landscaping and utility work.

The Professionals Behind the Service

Josh Decker
An outdoor enthusiast, Josh loves hiking, kayaking, and traveling. He is the driving force behind North Country Unlimited, redirecting its focus and guiding its growth.
Mark Colucci
Purchasing Manager
A dedicated mountain biker, Mark leads our purchasing department, ensuring high-quality materials are sourced for every project.
Josh Crumbling
An avid hockey and Penn State football fan, Josh loves reading and has a penchant for craft breweries. He is a vital contributor to our sales team.
Tate Simmons
With 28 years of industry experience, Tate is a die-hard Eagles and Phillies supporter. He appreciates craft beer and participates in rec league softball.
Erika Sheibley
Office Manager
Erika is the backbone of North Country Unlimited, keeping everything organized and running smoothly. In her free time, she enjoys ice skating!
Megan Keisling
Maintenance Manager
Megan is our dedicated Maintenance Manager, specializing in overseeing mowing and mulching contract work. She's a big fan of the West Virginia football team and enjoys watching the games in her spare time.
Bill Decker
Utility Manager
Founder of North Country Unlimited, with a keen eye for utility management. Decker has steered the company to success, earning a reputation for reliability along the way.