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Designing & Installing
Exceptional Landscapes

At North Country Landscapes, we believe in harmoniously combining aesthetics and function to create the perfect outdoor setting for your home or business.  Embark on a journey with us to transform your property into a captivating outdoor sanctuary. Our landscape design & installation services cover:

Bespoke Design
Our talented designers work closely with you to create a unique landscape that captures your vision, personal style, and property needs.
Master Plans
We craft comprehensive master plans that ensure all elements of your landscape work together seamlessly, resulting in a cohesive and captivating outdoor space.
Plant Selection & Sourcing
Our team handpicks the perfect flora for your landscape, ensuring a thoughtful blend of color, texture, and form that complements your property's aesthetics.
Our skilled installation teams blend their expertise and dedication to detail with the best materials to deliver a stunning and exceptional landscape.
Irrigation & Drainage
We design and install optimal irrigation and drainage systems to promote the health and longevity of your landscapes.

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